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Hemispheric Principles...The Legacy of J. A. Emidy:
The Solo Sonic Experience

To order: send money order for $20.00 US (includes shipping+handling) to: L. Mixashawn Rozie, 64 Humphrey Street, Hartford, CT 06106, USA

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Rave review for Hemispheric Principles! on:

“A superb set featured a solo effort from Mixashawn, a Native American tenor saxophonist who played flutes, electronics, berimbow, and sang. The entire set was a beautifully connected suite, which unfolded with a series of stories. Mixashawn is a marvelous story teller with a number of intriguing stories and observations.... We all loved his echoplex berimbow song...and his golden tone on tenor was another delight. He put together the entire set so that it flowed together perfectly throughout.”

—Bruce Gallanter, DownTown Music Gallery
(Review of performance of Hemispheric Principles... the Legacy of J.A. Emidy at the Ninth Vision Festival, New York City, May 2004)

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